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We are seeking creative scientists committed to making the next technological and conceptual leaps in biology.

To fuel the next generation of neuroscience, we strongly value developing innovative methods and experimental frameworks, especially in molecular, imaging, physiological, and behavioral approaches. We aim to assemble a team of scientists from diverse scientific backgrounds for common goals. Examples include: physicists interested in imaging molecular processes in neurons, computer scientists interested in the analysis of large datasets (image and DNA informatics), chemists looking to build next generation probes, physiologists wishing to cross-hybridize cutting-edge molecular and genetic techniques with electrophysiology and ethology, and molecular biologists who enjoy building new experimental paradigms to understand the molecular basis of behavior. Prior experience in neuroscience is not very important.

Positions at various levels, for example, undergraduate, lab technician, master and PhD student (potential PhD students are also encouraged to apply to the SWC PhD program), and postdoc, are available. The training of the future generation of scientists is a central mission of the lab, and the open, collaborative community at the SWC provide an excellent environment.


Postdoctoral position available in in vivo physiology (updated 5 June 2019)

We are looking for a motivated electrophysiologist to perform in vivo physiology in freely behaving animals engaging in social behaviors. In collaboration with John O'Keefe's group at the SWC, we have been using Neuropixels probes to record the dynamics of neural circuits underlying social behaviors. This new powerful tool now enables us to collect vast amounts of electrophysiological data during social behaviors in freely behaving mice, and we are looking for a postdoc to join our effort. This position also provides a unique opportunity to combine cutting edge molecular tools being developed in the lab and rich physiology expertise at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre.

Please contact Yoh Isogai ( for any questions.